Helping You Thrive, Not Just Survive

For more than 30 years, we have been helping people do more than survive divorce. We help them thrive. Our team cares enough to be here for you throughout the entire process, yet we are tough enough to put up a vigorous fight on your behalf.

Working Closely With You To Overcome Your Family Law Challenges

At Graff & Associates, LLC, our family law attorneys bring extensive experience to each and every case. We have in-depth knowledge of the law and procedures used in Pennsylvania, particularly in Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, and Chester Counties, which helps us to develop effective strategies for getting results. We will work closely with you from the moment we take your case until all matters are resolved. You will always have someone to turn to for guidance on difficult legal questions, and you can count on us for clear answers that do not take a lawyer to understand.
We know that family law matters such as divorce and custody disputes can be incredibly emotional and difficult experiences. Our lawyers will take the time to talk through the challenges and help you find the strength necessary to move forward.

Family Law

At Graff & Associates, LLC, we can help make these difficult decisions easier. We work with you throughout a child custody dispute, helping you to understand the law and how it may apply in your case.
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People often worry about the cost of a divorce. Not only will the assets that once supported one household be divided to support two, but spouses can incur court costs, attorneys’ fees and other expenses.
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Financial issues are often hotly contested during the divorce process. Pennsylvania is an equitable property division state, which means that assets acquired during the marriage are divided fairly between the spouses.
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Child support is a critical issue for families. The amount ordered by the court can have serious effects on your standard of living. It can affect the opportunities your children have as well as your personal financial security.
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In a divorce, the income that formerly supported one household must be divided to support two. Many people feel the pinch. They have trouble making ends meet and must adjust their lifestyles to their new budgets.
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Pennsylvania courts take domestic violence seriously. When abuse occurs in a family — or when allegations are made — it can have a serious effect on a family and on the outcome of a divorce.
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Enforcement And Modification

As time passes, it is natural for things to change. A court order that once worked well may no longer be appropriate. If circumstances have significantly altered for you, you may be able to have an order modified accordingly.
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At Graff & Associates, LLC, we have significant experience with cases involving grandparent rights in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County and beyond.
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Families take many forms. Many include children from past relationships. Others consist of grandparents or other relatives who are a child’s primary caretakers.
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Meet Our Attorneys

Our lawyers bring diverse life and professional experience to the practice of law and have dedicated their careers to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics. Learn more about our team by viewing the individual profiles below:
Ms. Graff is the founder of the Jenkintown law firm of Graff & Associates, LLC, whose practice is concentrated in the area of family law.
Ms. Feldman is an Attorney at Graff & Associates, where she specializes in family law and residential real estate law.
Ms. White specializes in family law issues including, support, custody, equitable distribution and adoption.

There Is No Lawyer More
Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

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