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Expanding Your Family Through Adoption

Families take many forms. Many include children from past relationships. Others consist of grandparents or other relatives who are a child’s primary caretakers. When parents remarry or when a loving relative forms a bond with the children, adoption can be a great opportunity to formalize the relationship and put legal protections in place.

At Graff & Associates, LLC, we represent people throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. Each case is different, and we tailor our strategy accordingly. Lawyers at our firm can assist you with stepparent adoptions, grandparent and sibling adoptions and related matters, including termination of parental rights.

Guiding You Through Stepparent Adoptions

Pennsylvania makes the adoption process a little easier for stepparents than for people adopting from agencies, but certain requirements still exist. Usually represented by lawyers, adoptive parents begin the process by filing a petition for adoption. This petition contains all the necessary information the court will need to make its decision, including who the natural parents of the adoptee are and whether they have given up their parental rights or otherwise consented to the adoption. Parents and their lawyers must appear at a hearing before a judge before the petition is officially granted.
Our law firm can help with the stepparent adoption process, from collecting any necessary information to filing petitions and appearing at hearings. We will be the guides and advocates you need to help the process proceed as smoothly as possible. We aim to be there for you from the moment you seek our help until matters are favorably resolved. We can answer your adoption-related questions at in-person meetings at our offices. Attorneys at our firm are also accessible by phone and email, and any messages left are returned promptly.

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