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Your Advocate In Child Support Matters

Child support is a critical issue for families. The amount ordered by the court can have serious effects on your standard of living. It can affect the opportunities your children have as well as your personal financial security.

At Graff & Associates, LLC, we frequently represent parents throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County and elsewhere in Pennsylvania. Our lawyers can help establish child support as part of a divorce or paternity action. We can also assist with child support enforcement or modifications. Each situation is different, and we will tailor our approach to meet your unique needs and goals. We will be your diligent advocate, putting our decades of experience to work on your behalf.

Calculating Child Support Isn’t As Easy As It Appears

When you work with us, we will help you calculate the amount of support to be paid or received according to the Pennsylvania child support guidelines. The guidelines dictate the support obligation unless you and the other parent are able to agree to another amount. When calculating the proper amount, it is critical to consider all the information. Entering in the wrong numbers or failing to consider an important financial circumstance can mean that support is calculated incorrectly. Deductions can be taken for mortgage payments and other costs, and the number of hours per day the child spends at each parent’s house should be considered. Calculations can become particularly complex when a parent is self-employed, owns a business or has an unusual income stream. Let us sort through the details and protect your interests.

Let’s Talk Today — You Have Nothing To Lose

Whether the other parent is refusing to pay support, you need to adjust the amount you pay each month or you want to establish a support order for your new child, our attorneys are here to help. To get started, call our Jenkintown or Philadelphia office at 215-572-6868 or email us today. The first consultation is free, and we offer Saturday appointments as needed.

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