Divorce For Those Over 50

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Why Gray Divorce Demands Skilled Representation

Those who divorce later in life typically risk far more than other couples, making competent legal representation a vital necessity.

Graff & Associates, LLC, is devoted to helping couples who find themselves in this unique but increasingly common situation. We understand and respect the emotional gravity of what you’re going through, and we ensure that you don’t have to make the journey alone. Whether you rely on our skill to solve complex legal quandaries that you’ve never faced before or you simply want to be sure that your decisions will benefit your family, we’re here for you.

The Realities Of Divorce For Those Over 50

Divorces among baby boomers and other Americans over the age of 50 have been on the rise for some time. NPR statistics from 2014 show that individuals in this age range are twice as likely to separate than they would have been just two decades earlier.

Many factors contribute to this trend, such as the increased social acceptance of divorce and people’s longer life spans. No matter what prompted your own split, however, being older makes the situation more complicated.

What Gray Divorce Means For You

Financial advisers say that these divorces are associated with more significant economic ramifications for couples. In short, you don’t have as many working years left to rebuild your assets as you would at a younger age. According to Forbes, older women tend to suffer from divorce-related financial woes at disproportionate rates. Men, on the other hand, commonly struggle with a lack of support networks. Divorce clearly has the potential to hit harder the older you get, and both parties deserve proactive representation.

The Benefits Of Legal Assistance

Why discuss your case with an experienced Pennsylvania lawyer who’s willing to advocate for you? Because attorneys who understand the ramifications of over-50 divorce can help you protect your personal interests and your family’s financial stability.

Getting a divorce doesn’t necessarily mean you have to suffer. Our legal teams are known for helping couples of all ages devise enforceable separation agreements with forward-thinking terms that actually account for the challenges they might face.

Making Your Choice

We believe that divorce should be a healthy process, so we work to ensure that you reap its benefits. Start the next chapter of your life on a happier footing. Contact a Graff & Associates, LLC, lawyer for your free consultation today: 215-572-6868.

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