Does your child support agreement include unforeseen expenses?

A lot of things change when a Pennsylvania family goes from living together as a single unit to deciding to live in separate households with custody, alimony and child support arrangements. This decision brings with it a lot of uncertainty and confusion, as individuals begin their journey into the unknown, often alone. Where couples previously may have been able to calmly discuss matters, child custody and support decisions can make them turn acrimonious towards one another.

Many people do not realize the full amount of thought and preparation that child support decisions require. Simply calculating the average monthly expenses of a child is not enough, as number of future decisions must be kept in mind. For example, summer camps, birthday parties, music lessons and soccer practice are just some of the expenses that should be included in child support calculations, but many people neglect to do so. In addition to this, college funds can also be negotiated within the divorce arrangement.

This can seem daunting to an average person, which is why having experienced help by one’s side can be very helpful. The lawyers at Graff & Associated don’t just help people survive-they help them thrive and to become the version of themselves that they wanted to be.

We explain the divorce process to our clients and help them create realistic goals. We try to remove the uncertainty from the journey they are about to embark upon and ensure they don’t make the journey alone. We are strong advocates of our clients, whether in the negotiating room or in the litigation room. For more on how we help our clients, visit our page.

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