Enforcement and Modification

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Helping You Modify Existing Court Orders

As time passes, it is natural for things to change. A court order that once worked well may no longer be appropriate. If circumstances have significantly altered for you, you may be able to have an order modified accordingly. At Graff & Associates, LLC, we can help. Our law firm — located in Jenkintown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — brings many decades of experience to your aid. We can help you modify any of the following types of orders:

These orders may be subject to modification if a spouse or child experiences a significant change in circumstances such as job loss, a significant decrease or increase in salary, an increase in child care or children’s medical expenses, as well as the onset or recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction.

For instance, if you lose your job and are unable to pay child support, we can help you seek a modification. Or, if the other parent becomes abusive, we can help you seek a change to the child custody order. No matter your situation, we are here for you. Call us at 215-572-6868 for a free consultation.

Relocation: When A Parent Wants To Move Away

Often, we represent parents who are seeking to move to another place in Pennsylvania or to move out of state. We also represent parents seeking to oppose another parent’s move because of its effect on child custody and visitation. If you are considering relocating with a child and are subject to an existing child custody order, it is critical that you get the court’s permission before you move. If you fail to do so, courts may interpret your actions as an attempt to alienate the other parent. If you have recently learned that your child’s other parent plans to move, contacting an experienced lawyer is critical. You may be able to stop the move by taking quick and effective legal action. Let us explain your options.

Your Champion When It Comes To Enforcing Court Orders

Our law firm can also help you enforce an existing court order. Perhaps the other parent isn’t paying child support, or perhaps he or she refuses to let you see your child. In situations like these, we can be your strong advocate and champion, using every legal tool available to uphold your rights.

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