Father’s fight for their parental rights in Pennsylvania

Having a child is often the most important day in the lives of their parents. Whether the couple is married, divorced, or never married one another in the first place, a father’s right to remain an active part of his children’s life is important. A child needs the affection, attention and encouragement from both of their parents to flourish, and the parent’s relationship with one another should not affect that bond.

Fathers in Pennsylvania have recently begun protesting what they believe is a one-sided approach taken by courts. According to the PA Father’s Rights Movement, judges typically side with mothers when it comes to determining child custody and other family law matters. One father claimed he had not been able to see his children in more than three years and all motions filed by him had been dismissed without adequate reason. Fathers were raising the issue to address the lack of equal parenting time and hoping legislators could figure out a way to get their voices heard.

Biological fathers have the right to visitation or joint child custody, depending on the circumstances of the case. While many parents may prefer to come to a parenting agreement on their own, others may find that they are unable to agree and decide to have a judge make the decision for them. Fathers may find they are not only battling a legal case to get custody or visitation with their children but also fighting social norms about their role as fathers.

A sound legal argument supported by evidence may be one way to ensure a proper custody decision is made in one’s case. From establishing paternity to asserting visitation rights, experienced lawyers can provide useful guidance to fathers who want to play an active role in their children’s upbringing.

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