Helping children deal with divorce

No matter how contentious their divorce, most couples in Pennsylvania want their children to be their top priority. Parents can ensure that their children remain emotionally healthy throughout the divorce process by understanding what is most important to their children’s emotional well-being.

Children need to be reassured that they can maintain a strong and loving relationship with each parent without worrying about hurting the other parent’s feelings. They should be confident they can share details about their day with one parent without generating criticism from the other one.

Holidays loom large in the minds of all children, many of whom spend all year excited about their traditions. They need to know how holidays will be handled. Details such as whose house they will be at during holidays and what time transfers will occur should be settled in advance and put on a parenting time calendar. If possible, parents need to put aside their animosity enough so that both can attend events that are important to the children, such as school plays, basketball games and birthday parties. Eventually, the children will grow up, and there will be weddings, births and grandchildren’s birthday parties to attend. It’s best to start early and set a polite precedent.

Lastly, children thrive on consistency. Rules that differ from house to house won’t provide the security children need to do well in school and life. Child custody, visitation and child support are only some of the issues that arise in a divorce that involves minor children. Divorcing parents may benefit from seeking the advice of a lawyer experienced in dealing with these matters. A lawyer may be able to help navigate the difficult decisions that arise during a divorce, giving parents the freedom to focus on providing the best possible outcome for their children.

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