How big of a role do money mistakes play in divorces?

Each divorce case has its own unique set circumstances. No relationship has the exact same problems as another, but there is one factor that can present an issue in many marriages on the brink: money. Couples throughout the country, including in Pennsylvania, may be dealing with money issues that are leaving them in a position to consider divorce.

But, exactly how big of a role do money issues and mistakes play in divorces? Well, according to a recent article, money is one of the main issues that can lead to relationship problems. So much so that a divorce could stem directly from money mistakes made by one or both of the spouses in the marriage.

The recent report noted that couples who decide to manage their money separately may not run into issues involving the amount of money they have, but it can lead to suspicions about how that money is being spent, saved or invested. If one spouse doesn’t have a clear picture of the other spouse’s money situation and spending habits, resentment and the potential for dishonesty can lead to problems in the marriage.

Another situation that the recent article noted might be a concern in relationships is when one spouse is considered to be the “spender,” while the other is the “saver.” This type of dynamic can stem from a fundamentally different view of the how money should be handled, which is obviously a ripe situation for relationship tensions, with the possibility of leading to a divorce.

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