How can finances and debts lead to divorce?

Some couples in Pennsylvania who are going through a divorce can point to an exact issue or point in time that caused the tension in their relationship, ultimately leading to a split. However, for most couples, the issues that led to a divorce are probably more likely to build over time. This can certainly be the case with financial problems and debt, which can creep up as money issues are not properly addressed.

So, how can financial issues and debt lead to a divorce? Well, according to one recent article, financial and debt problems can lead to frequent arguments for a couple. And, when couples fight more often, the chance of a divorce ending the relationship increases by 30 percent, according to one study that was examined in the recent article.

The article noted that 40 percent of married couples who were surveyed for the study indicated that debt and other financial burdens have a negative impact on their relationships. Our readers have likely heard the phrase “money is the root of all evil” and it certainly seems like money problems can be the root of relationship issues.

No matter the reason for the breakdown of a marriage, any couples in Pennsylvania who decide to divorce will need to address financial issues in the legal process. Those problems may have been the cause of the divorce, but they will not go away just because the relationship is coming to an end. Those going through tough times such as this can benefit from seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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