Let us guide you through the family law issues in a divorce

When Pennsylvania couples decide to end their marriage, a lot of questions crop up as to how to achieve that end. A divorce, while promising a new beginning at the end of the process, also raises a lot of uncertainties and issues that need to be addressed keeping in mind both the short and long term.

While every divorce differs, depending on the individual circumstances, there are a few issues that must be addressed in every situation. How property and assets going to be divided, ranging from major decisions like who keeps the house to who keeps the dining sets, is an important consideration, as is who is going to be paying alimony and for how long. If children are involved, emotional questions revolving around their custody and support payments are also likely to rise. Keeping a level head during these discussions is essential.

Whether one decides to litigate or to mediate, having someone knowledgeable about both family law and one’s individual situation by one’s side is very helpful. Graff and Associates handle many legal issues during a divorce, from property division and child custody decisions, to prenuptial agreements and gray divorces.

We talk to our clients about their expectations and how to go about achieving the outcomes they expect. We keep them apprised of the situation, while also advising them on common mistakes they should try to avoid committing.

We understand what is at stake when a couple breaks up, which is why we diligently work to achieve a solution that is best for our clients and their family. For more information, visit our page about divorce.

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