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Fairly Dividing Assets And Debts In Divorce

Financial issues are often hotly contested during the divorce process. Pennsylvania is an equitable property division state, which means that assets acquired during the marriage are divided fairly between the spouses.

If you have assets that you would like to protect, it is imperative you work with a knowledgeable attorney who understands the legal process and how to overcome complexities that may arise. At Graff & Associates, LLC, we have the knowledge necessary to provide an objective opinion while protecting your property interests. Call our offices in Jenkintown and Philadelphia to discuss your Pennsylvania divorce with one of our skilled lawyers.

Dividing 401(k)s, Real Estate And More

There are many challenges that may arise during division of property, including determining what property was acquired during the marriage and how it should be divided. Property can include many things. Real estate or cars, investments, retirement accounts and savings must all be divided fairly.

Many Pennsylvania divorces involve complex assets, including:

Let us put our decades of experience to work for you, helping you protect your rightful share of the marital assets.

Creating Property Settlement Agreements

Each family is different, and each has unique concerns during the divorce process. We can help you negotiate a fair property settlement agreement with your spouse. Mediation can often be a useful tool for resolving property disputes. Families who engage in mediation are more likely to report satisfaction in the final outcome. Further, they have more to divide because they spend less money fighting in court.
However, mediation is not right in every case. Sometimes, aggressive court action is needed to achieve the best possible results — especially if a spouse is being unreasonable. When necessary, our attorneys take divorce to trial so that a judge can fairly assess and divide marital property. When necessary, our lawyers partner with highly regarded experts, including appraisers and experts in asset valuation who can testify on your behalf. We work with these experts to thoroughly prepare evidence and prove your case to Pennsylvania family court judges.

Skillfully Dividing Retirements Account In Divorce

If you and your spouse are divorcing in Pennsylvania, your retirement accounts may constitute a considerable part of the property settlement. For this reason, it’s essential that the division is fair.

At Graff & Associates, LLC, in Philadelphia and Jenkintown, you will work with attorneys who know how to help you navigate the complexities of divorce. Often, retirement accounts are split down the middle in a divorce case, but that may seem unfair to a spouse who has contributed the majority of the money to that account.

Let us review the details of your situation and help you come to an agreement that protects your financial interests and your future ability to retire in comfort. We are skilled at dividing:

How Retirement Accounts Are Viewed

In order to make sure each spouse is treated fairly when it comes to retirement accounts, it is important to understand how much of the money is marital and how much is separate.

For example, any money that went into the retirement account before the marriage began is typically considered separate retirement money, and money that was added during the marriage is typically considered marital money. Money acquired by inheritance or gift during the marriage is generally also considered separate and won’t be included in the amount to be divided between the spouses.

Division By Equitable Distribution

The courts in Pennsylvania use the concept of equitable distribution to divide assets, and that includes retirement accounts. Income, age, education, health, the length of the marriage and other factors all matter when it comes to distributing assets.

A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) makes it possible for a company to divide retirement benefits between an employee and his or her former spouse.

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