Should You Litigate Or Mediate?

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Should You Litigate Or Mediate Your Divorce?

Are you worried that a simple divorce might morph into a protracted court battle or costly lifelong dispute? At Graff & Associates, LLC, in Jenkintown and Philadelphia, you can take advantage of our years of experience as you pursue more productive resolutions. We will arm you with in-depth legal knowledge that will help you leverage the many rights that the modern legal system affords you.

No matter whether you seek justice via courtroom litigation or mediation in a private setting, you can count on our attorneys to help you keep your case moving forward constructively. But which option is better in your specific circumstances? Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons.

Why Do Some People Choose Litigation?

At its essence, litigation involves going to court, presenting your point of view before a judge and letting that judge decide on a course of action. In cases where you and your spouse simply can’t come to an agreement, this may be the most effective option. Litigation can be highly beneficial in situations where your safety is at stake, such as a divorce involving domestic violence or abuse. It is also necessary in cases where one spouse refuses to negotiate or compromise on anything at all. Litigation involves unique burdens and responsibilities. You will have to observe filing deadlines and procedures, and you may be asked to submit to evidentiary hearings or furnish specific kinds of evidence.

What Might Mediation Have to Offer?

Mediation involves coming to an acceptable agreement with the help of an impartial third party. It tends to be less expensive than litigation. Even if you go before a judge to finalize a divorce, working out a separation agreement beforehand may let you minimize the amount of time and money you spend in court. Mediation can make separation much easier on your family by preserving friendly relationships. It can also prevent judges from establishing support or alimony agreements that you can’t fulfill. Although the decisions you make in mediation aren’t binding, your statements and admissions can’t be used against you in court because they’re confidential.

Making Your Choice

Before choosing litigation or mediation, you should talk to one of the lawyers at Graff & Associates, LLC. Situational nuances are important, and what’s best for one family might not be right for yours. By helping you plan out your case in advance and choose the most impactful plan of attack, we help ensure that you reach a resolution your family can live with. Call our Pennsylvania law firm at 215-572-6868 or email us for a free consultation.

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