The basics about child support in Pennsylvania

Child support issues in a divorce case can cause quite a bit of concern for Pennsylvania residents. After all, you are not only ending a relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you are also addressing issues like child custody and child support that will likely affect your children for years to come. It is important for our readers to know the basics about child support in Pennsylvania.

For starters, child support issues typically come up in a divorce case because one side or the other requests child support. Although there are many new, innovative approaches to solving child custody arrangements these days, child custody is inextricably linked to child support. In most cases, one parent will be awarded primary custody of the children, while the other parent has parental visitation. This is true even in joint custody arrangements. As a result, the children are likely to be with one parent more than the other, creating a bit of a disparity in who is making direct payments for many things.

In those arrangements, the non-custodial parent will likely be ordered to pay child support. In making this order, the family court overseeing the case will use the Pennsylvania child support guidelines to examine a range of factors to determine how much child support should be paid.

Among the factors to be examined, the judge will look at the parent’s income and ability to pay child support. The judge will also look at the expected expenses the child will have, which will obviously multiply if there is more than one child involved in the divorce.

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