There are different considerations for infant visitation

Setting a visitation schedule for Pennsylvania children is generally easier as they get older provided that the parents can agree. It gets a little more difficult when the child is an infant because there are other considerations at play. The schedule must be in the best interests of the child while allowing both parents to spend time with the child.

The parent who is not the primary caregiver will need to recognize that they will not be able to spend extensive time with the infant at first. The visitation will likely begin with shorter encounters until the child gets a little older. Visitation can become challenging when the infant is breastfeeding. However, the parents should consider ways that the father can have a visit during this time. There may be some reasons why time can be limited but it must be solely because of breastfeeding issued as opposed to for other reasons.

It may take a couple of years until the child can spend overnights with the other parent. Going to court may not help because judges will not usually order overnights until the child is three years old. However, the parents should understand that the schedule will eventually change to progressively give both parents meaningful time with the child. However, this must be balanced with what the child can handle at a very young age.

A child custody attorney can help his or her clients as they try to work through some of these issues and move towards a visitation agreement. The attorney might negotiate the schedule on behalf of their client. If they are not able to reach agreement, the lawyer might take the case to family law court for a ruling.

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