Why last year’s calendar is important in child custody cases

The first thing Pennsylvania residents may want to do when the first of the year rolls around is toss out their old calendar and put up a new one. However, that old calendar could prove useful in both child custody and divorce cases. It can be an important piece of evidence to help an individual prove their case.

When it comes to child custody, a parent seeking custody will be asked to layout their child’s schedule, important events, and health history. Going through a divorce and litigation can cause a person to experience brain fog. It can be difficult to remember the details. However, it is the details that are are a huge factor when it comes to winning a child custody case.

Going through an old calendar can help a person to remember their child’s schedule. It can help them to remember how many parties they attended or school trips they went on. All of these things will play a role in not only showing how much time the parent spends with their child but also showing how much money the parent spends on the child.

Another factor that will be looked at is how often a child visits a therapist or doctor. This is a category that is easy to forget. It’s also easy to forget how often copayments need to be made. An old calendar helps a parent remember all of these details.

When a person says that they spent a specific amount of time with their child, their word will only go so far. However, proving it with specific dates sets the evidence in stone.

Many questions arise when a person is going through a divorce and is seeking custody of their children. An attorney might answer a person’s questions regarding family law and assist them with practical things, like drawing up necessary documents and filing them.

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